Transforming Agricultural Waste to Sustainable Energy

Our mission is to replace firewood-as-fuel for the industrial sector in Kenya. We produce a clean biomass energy product made from discarded sugarcane husks. Our VumaBriqs (bagasse briquettes) are a superior fuel source for industrial boilers. It's time for a better alternative to wood fuel.


WATCH: How We Do It

A glimpse of our process

Our Product: VumaBriqs

Benefits of our bagasse briquettes vs. traditional firewood


Greater Calorific Value

= Double the total heat output

Twice the Density

= Burns 50% longer 

Less Moisture

= Less smoke & pollution

Year Round Supply

= Consistent availability

Free of Impurities

= No "clinker" 

Lower Ash Content

= Less time clearing the boiler

Why Now?






Firewood consumption is the driving force behind the rampant deforestation in Kenya and East Africa. Creating alternatives to firewood, particularly for large-scale users, is a key part of the solution. Each ton of VumaBriqs is equivalent to 25 trees worth of wood fuel. We are aiming to save two million trees in Kenya by 2022.


There aren't many options for earning a viable income in rural western Kenya. Basic subsistence farming predominates. We are helping to change that by creating additive and year-round jobs with training, benefits, and a pathway for promotions. We have created over 100 jobs in our first two years and we expect hundreds more in the future. Our belief is that sustainable jobs are the heart of economic development. 



Based on our projections for the industrial use of VumaBriqs in Kenya in just the next three years (through '22), 42,000 tons of CO2 will be absorbed by the trees saved. That's equivalent to the carbon emissions from 9,000 cars per year or an individual's carbon burden on over 11,000 commercial flights.




Management Team

Ian Otula

CEO & Co-Founder

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Aaron Pattillo

Chairman & Co-Founder

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Rose Auma

Head of Sun Drying

Stephen Wabuko

Factory Operations Manager

Chris Onyango

Head of Collection

Davis Wachira

Finance Manager

Peter Ochieng

Production Supervisor

Sam Oyola

Production Supervisor




Are you currently burning firewood in your industrial biomass boiler? If so, let's talk. We can arrange a demonstration of our VumaBriqs in your boiler, provide existing customer references, and supply an independent third-party Certificate of Analysis showing all key parameters of our briquettes.

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Where To Find Us

Vuma Factory + Headquarters

Plot 48/785 South Sakwa, Oyani Road, Awendo District, Migori County, Kenya

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